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LP Bookkeeping offers tax advice and help to clients that are self-employed, a company director or a PAYE employee. We can help anyone with tax returns, rebates and refunds and our friendly professionals approach has help lots of people sort out taxation problems quickly and easily.

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Tax Advice

Help with Tax Refunds and Tax Rebates

Tax Advice for Tax Refunds

Every PAYE (Pay as You Earn) worker will be deducted income tax from their earnings by their employer on behalf of the Government. Most people don't know that they could be due a refund of the PAYE tax paid during the year.

You could be due to claim tax back if:

  • You were made redundant
  • You were taxed incorrectly
  • You paid tax at the emergency rate
  • You incurred medical or dental expenses
  • You went on maternity leave

LP Bookkeeping can ensure that you will receive tax refunds that are due to you for any of the reasons given above. You may be due a tax rebate or tax credit for any of the additional reasons;

  • Rent relief tax credit
  • Medical insurance tax credit
  • Income levy and USC refunds
  • Tuition or trade union fees tax credit
  • Single parent tax credit