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Payroll Services and Payroll Solutions

LP Bookkeeping provides payroll services for small companies as well as sole traders We offer payroll solutions for many clients in Cork city and throughout a large part of the county..

The payroll services we provide has evolved throughout our 20 years experience so we can offer solutions that are customer friendly and most importantly accurate. We encourage clients to let LP Bookkeeping handle the headache of their payroll system freeing their time to take care of other important work related problems. Contact us today in any of the following methods;

Telephone 087 218 5878


Payroll Outsourcing

LP Bookkeeping realise that each business is unique and we are able to offer a broad range of solutions for payroll outsourcing. There are several benefits for companies who seek for the benefits of payroll. Choosing the right payroll service is important and we can help you with your choice.

Payroll Services and Payroll Outsourcing


Payback Payroll

LP Bookkeeping are experts in applying payroll services with the ever popular software Payback Payroll. We can process earnings for companies each week or each month. By using Payback Payroll, LP Bookkeeping can set hourly wages and can also provide printouts for the entire working year. With the help of Payback, we are able to produce up to date wage figures in no time.

Payroll Services with Payback Payroll

Payroll Solutions

LP Bookkeeping can deliver efficient payroll solutions. We can make sure staff wages are equated accurately and on time. We can work to a timetable that suits our clients

Our clients can receive payroll reports that contain payroll processing results for their employees with speed and accuracy